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Statistics Expert Witness
​Data Analysis
Dr. Anthony Hayter

       Anthony.Hayter@du.edu     323-744-7676
Assistance for attorneys, expert reports, expert testimony, reviews, critiques.
University professor with clear communication and teaching skills.
Immediate response for tight deadlines. 
​Degrees from Cambridge and Cornell.
​Fulbright Scholar.

​​New York
Washington D.C.

We used Dr. Hayter in a condominium construction defect case to rebut the plaintiff's extrapolated frequency of defects and associated damages.  He helped us successfully refute the sampling methodology of the plaintiff's expert.  Perhaps most importantly, he was able to present his findings and expert opinions in a manner that was easy for the parties and the mediator to understand.  His clear, well-stated analysis was key to helping us reach a settlement in the case.​​
Jason Bergevin, Attorney at Law, Holmquist & Gardiner PLLC, Seattle.

We used Dr. Hayter in a federal class action lawsuit concerning public health insurance claims.  Dr. Hayter was able to quickly understand a complex area of health law and apply his statistical knowledge to the data from our case.  He was dedicated, responsive, and very good at synthesizing information and presenting it in an understandable way.
Alice Bers, Litigation Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Willimantic, Connecticut.

Dr. Hayter was a very helpful resource in our litigation of age discrimination claims alleging a statistical pattern and practice of discriminating against older workers.  He astutely analyzed the comparative pools at issue, noting with precision the standard deviations and the related statistical significance, if any.  His expertise was a critical element in the defense of our case, accurately identifying the appropriate uses and misuses of statistical proof as to claims of age discrimination in a comprehensible fashion.
Emily S. Borna, Attorney at Law, Jackson Lewis P.C., Atlanta.

Dr. Hayter provided statistical testimony in a difficult highway construction case involving a shortage of a crucial component of asphalt mix.  Throughout the case, Dr. Hayter was responsive, creative, and always timely.  I recommend him highly.
Donald P. Boyle Jr., Attorney at Law, Taylor English Duma LLP, Atlanta.

In a class action dispute involving a large telecommunications company, one of the theories of liability involved a complex set of hundreds of commission payments made to hundreds of independent retailers over many years.  Dr. Hayter provided critical statistical analysis of those payments and his work proved to be instrumental in successfully resolving the case. 
Matt Dirkes, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Matthew C. Dirkes, San Francisco.

Dr. Hayter assisted us in a multi-million dollar commercial construction dispute.  His analysis, attention to detail, and reputation made him an invaluable member of our team – achieving a significant victory for our client. 
Daniel Dorfman, Attorney at Law, Harris Winick Harris LLP, Chicago.

Dr. Hayter was instrumental in assisting us achieve a successful result in a very large and very complex construction defect case which required statistically defensible extrapolation in order to support our damages claim.  Dr. Hayter's advice and development of a testing protocol allowed us to efficiently and reliably gather the evidence we needed to win.
Mark Intrieri, Chapman & Intrieri LLP, Alameda.

Dr. Hayter worked with our firm on a complicated dispute between a state agency and a highway contractor as to compliance with contract requirements.  He developed statistical models that were of great value in analyzing samples of roadway material that were crucial in the case.  His assistance was also valuable in helping us look at possible approaches to the use of the physical evidence in presenting the case.  Dr. Hayter was thorough, conscientious and timely in his work with us.  As important to us as his technical expertise was his ability to communicate his analysis and opinions in a clear and concise manner.
Paul R. Jordan, Attorney at Law, Davis, Pickren, Seydel & Sneed LLP, Atlanta.

Dr. Hayter assisted with our defense of a significant case against a major brand.  He served as an expert consultant and witness on statistical analysis in connection with customer survey data.  His assistance from the early stages of the case through the survey and expert report process was invaluable to our strategy and structure of the defense.  He was very well versed in the subject matter, clear and concise, and communicated well with not only the client, but other consultants and counsel.  His involvement was instrumental in obtaining a very favorable negotiated settlement.
Leonard MacPhee, Attorney at Law, Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, Denver.

Dr. Hayter efficiently and effectively demolished plaintiff's expert report that purported to use statistics to demonstrate claimed racial discrimination at our client's workplace.  We were able to leverage Dr. Hayter's work to bring a successful Daubert motion in which the Court excluded plaintiff's statistical expert report in its entirety.
Daniel Oberdorfer, Attorney at Law, Stinson Leonard Street LLP, Minneapolis.

It is hard to overstate Dr. Hayter’s contributions to our team in the defense of a “three-comma” first party property insurance arbitration.  Early in the proceedings, I reached out to Dr. Hayter as a consultant to help understand an opposing expert’s regression analysis proffered as unconventional support of a policyholder’s calculation of the period of liability.  A quick study, he soon became an important part of our overall defense, not simply in assisting the  development of my cross examination of opposing experts, but also with the formulation of his independent expert opinions.  Dr. Hayter then helped unravel the dubious foundation of an inflated business interruption claim.  While on the stand, he explained complicated concepts and modeling in simple and easy to understand terms.  But more impressively, Dr. Hayter remained unflappable under cross examination by one of America’s leading trial lawyers.
Sava Alexander Vojcanin, Attorney at Law, Clausen Miller P.C., Chicago.​​
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